We just learned this morning that a buck from The List did not survive the winter. 'Biggs' made it through both the archery and gun seasons in WI (seen in November in the first picture above) but met his match last night with another buck we nicknamed 'Kenny'. 

Neighbors near one of our properties heard two bucks fighting and after investigating the scene, found the two bucks locked together. After continued fighting, the smaller of the two bucks gained some leverage, and putting his body into one violent thrash, ended 'Biggs' run on the farm. 

With 'Biggs' already expired, the smaller buck still had two hours of fight left in him before it was safe to unlock the two racks--which required the use of a crow bar.

Fortunately, the smaller buck walked away from the incident relatively unscathed. However, due to the great deal of physical stress 'Kenny' undoubtedly endured, only time will tell if he will see another year on the farm.

Below is a picture 'Kenny' in October and then after the fight (notice his broken G-2 and 4 on his right side.
Further investigation by the landowners also revealed that the fight covered around 400 yards so it's very likely they locked up early on. As unfortunate as it is to see a situation like this, a mild winter like the one we've been experiencing allows these animals to keep their antlers longer, and in turn, enjoy elevated levels of testosterone. When this is the case, fights like this will continue on later into the year. 

The landowners also tracked 'Kenny' to the top of a ridge near our farm so we'll try and keep tabs on the buck over the next several weeks. Chad already plans on moving some cameras into the area so be sure to stay tuned to the Blog for updates.
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