Well, as we count down the hours until November, we've seen the action picking up every day. Lenny was able to capitalize on a good buck yesterday morning so be sure to check out the Harvest Blog and watch his hunt on Sunday's webisode!

I had a promising young eight come into the decoy on Monday night and had an encounter with a pretty good main frame ten we've got a couple years of history with. Our crew will be in the woods every single day over the next couple weeks so be sure to check back as a good one can be put down at any time now!

Good luck!

Well, we weren't able to connect in North Dakota. We gave it one last effort this morning and once again, conditions were perfect and absolutely beautiful for a late October morning (just check out the pictures below). We saw quite a few deer working their way back to the bedding areas and saw two mature bucks that just wouldn't cooperate, once again. There's a chance we will be back out during the late archery season here so we may get another chance to punch the tag.

We are just loading up the truck and about to hit the road back to Wisconsin. It looks like the 1, 2, and 3 year-old bucks in our home state are really starting to chase so it shouldn't be long before the mature 5 and 6 year-old bucks start in on the action. We'll be hitting the woods every day over the next two weeks so be sure to check back regularly as we update you on our action.

Thanks for following us!


With a warm-up in Wisconsin over the past week and a North Dakota non-res archery tag still burning a hole in my pocket, Chad and I decided to load up the truck and meet this latest cold front head-on, as it pushed through the northern plains. 

Although we arrived in plenty of time to hunt this morning, a brutally cold and gusting wind out of the northwest had Chad and I holed up in the truck at first light, glassing an area we've previously hunted. 

There was no question a cold front had just punched through the area. We saw what we estimated at roughly 150 whitetails in just a couple of hours. We spent the rest of the morning hanging our Reconyx cameras in a couple of other possible stand locations and getting everything ready for the afternoon hunt.

We returned at about 2pm to the location we scouted earlier, brushed in a ground blind, and with the Strother Wrath in hand, settled in a for a long, cold sit. Movement was actually slow early on but really picked up at about 4 o'clock. We saw steady movement the progressed into what can best be described as a whitetail parade. I did not even attempt to count but I'd wager a guess we saw well north of 75 whitetails and although we saw two very good bucks, the only bonehead brave enough to tempt the Wrath's range was my little buddy pictured below--not quite what I'm looking for...

Be sure and check back tomorrow evening for an update on the day's hunt!

      In years past I’ve almost all but given up hope of harvesting a good whitetail in the middle of October.  This year was no different till this afternoon!  Yesterday I swapped the cards in my Reconyx cameras and sat down and clicked through thousands of images, around 12,000 to be exact.  And just like years past, in the middle of October, the 4, 5 and 6 year-old bucks have either gone nocturnal or just disappeared completely.   They just seem to lay low and gear up for the rut this time of year.
      When I grabbed the last 3 cards today, it was on the property where the buck we call “Kenny” resides.  As you can see, from pictures captured by the Reconyx, he was up on his feet well during daylight.  I have been getting pictures of him constantly in this same area but all during the night, till now!  I have a really good feeling he is moving through this particular spot to get a drink of water in a spring within a 100yds or so from this camera location.  Doing the same thing since I started capturing his pictures in August.  After seeing this I’ve decided to get after him.  Tomorrow we will have a continuing south wind with warm temps, but on Thursday temps fall again.  This is when I plan to start hunting him.
      One important thing I need to add about this buck and where he lives is, I have it narrowed down between last and this years movement, both from the cameras and encounters, his core area is about 40-50 acres.  Another important factor is this property is accessible from two different paved roads.  Which makes hunting him three dimensional, meaning we can sit on three sides of where I believe he is bedding without risking the chance of bumping him on our way to or from the stand. More importantly different wind directions wqhich, I hope increases our chance at getting an opportunity at him in the days/weeks to come. 
      After looking through all the pictures I got out just before dark tonight and fired a couple dozen arrows through my Strother SX-Rush.  As you can see from the pictures my last 5 arrows were shot using my 20, 30, 40, 45, and 50yd pins from my Trophy Ridge site.  Like normal the Strother is right on the mark!!! What a bow.  Stay tuned to the Live-Blog for daily updates as we get after Kenny.  Also this week’s show will consist of a detailed plan of attack for our approach at getting Kenny in bow range during October as well as other action from the WOHO Crew.


       It’s that time of October that every whitetail hunter dreads, the “October Lull”. Today is October 12th and I made it out for an afternoon hunt. The evening started good with a doe moving early feeding on acorns. But, all that was seen from there until dark was a little buck.  Not surprising though, this time of year has proved year in and year out to be extremely tough to catch an old wise buck on his feet during daylight.  We’re going to keep hunting hard and more importantly hunting smart, with a perimeter style of hunting to be sure not to alert any big boys of our presence.  Our Reconyx cameras will play a big role in letting us know when we should hit the timber in the weeks to come.  As soon as the daylight pictures start showing up we will get more aggressive closing in on a Wisconsin giant. Thanks for joining us on the Live Blog, we’ll keep you posted on hunts to come.


Although Chad was not able to get Keegan on one of the bucks they were after this past weekend, Keegan was able to fill his doe tag on the last evening of the youth hunt with a big mature doe. 

Hunting the first cold front of the fall, Chad and Keegan saw a ton of deer and are optimistic for the next few weeks going forward as Chad plans on getting the young hunter a shot at a mature whitetail with his bow.

We've been seeing a lot of mature bucks moving during daylight and it should just be a matter of time before we're able to get our hands on some antler. 

With temps remaining cool in the near forecast, it should be a great week!

Stay tuned!


With a high pressure system blowing through last night and temps dropping, the Crew has high hopes for the weekend. Several of us did not hesitate to get into the tree yesterday afternoon and boy, were the deer moving. 

It may be early in the year, but these October Cold Fronts can be as effective (if not, more) for killing mature bucks as their patterns to and from food and bedding is more predictable at this time of year than while they're chasing does during the rut.

With the barometer hovering around 30.1 inches, tonight should be a great afternoon on stand as studies indicate that deer feed the most when the atmospheric pressure is between 29.8 and 30.29 inches. The Crew will be out in force tonight and with the Youth Hunt beginning tomorrow, it looks to be an exciting weekend!

Pictured below is a 4 year-old buck we call P3 (Piggy the III), who was on his feet well before dark this week with the high pressure coming in. I opted to not take the 30 yard shot as it was the first encounter with the buck, I was filming alone, and Chad and I would really like an opportunity at him at 5 years old.

That said, with several Reconyx pictures of the buck in a large area, we do know that he's a traveller. If this was not an isolated incident and we have another encounter with him this season, he may not get another hall pass due to the fact that he resides in a heavily pressured area (and he's already a great buck!). Stay tuned!


The Crew will be in the woods this weekend for the 2012 Wisconsin Youth Deer Hunt as Chad takes Keegan out in hopes of bagging Keegan's biggest buck yet.

This may not be an easy feat--at just 12 years old, Keegan has already bagged a couple of great bucks in his first two seasons.

With a cold front moving in and Keegan's rifle dialed in, Chad's optimistic that he can get the young hunter an opportunity at a great buck.

The hunt is designed to give youth hunters ages 10-15 an opportunity to hunt deer and gain valuable hunting experience at a time when other hunters are not authorized to hunt deer with a firearm. Since 2009, hunters 10-15 years of age, with or without hunter education certification, are eligible to participate in the youth gun deer hunt with a mentor.