Most people forget, but Wisconsin's gun season is actually 19 days long.  You get 9 days to fill your tag with a rifle and 10 days with a muzzleloader.  This year, I need that second chance.  Unfortunately, the Wisconsin woods are completely chaotic and unpredictable; the tradition of rifle season brings heavy hunting pressure and education to mature whitetails.  On the other hand, mature bucks we have never seen before can be pushed onto our property without even knowing it.  I am hoping that the low temps drive the mature bucks, out in daylight, to a food source where I will be waiting for my second chance.  Who knows, maybe a giant will show up that we've never seen before!?

Chad and his father knock down two Wisconsin studs! A 7 1/2 year old Gross 169 7/8 and a 5 1/2 year old 157 7/8. Story and pictures coming soon to Harvest Blog. 
     After a poor week of hunting in Wisconsin, Lenny and Chad head to Kansas to try and see if their luck will change.  They arrived in perfect timing with a big cold front moving through the area, this would definitely get the deer up on their feet.  With the first day in the books it looks as they are right on time as far as the rut schedule goes.  They seen many deer moving throughout the day with multiple encounters with different bucks. There were two shooters that skirted just outside of bow range as well. With the rut action heating up in Kanas it seems their luck has changed.  Keep up with the Crew on our Live Blog and remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Stay turned for more big buck Kansas action!