Here we are once again with the December Holidays fast approaching. Along with that, comes a closing nearby to most of our Whitetail Seasons across the Midwest.  Rachel and I arrived home Sunday evening to a 4 inch blanket of snow covering the ground. This is just what we needed to get the mature bucks up on their feet during the daylight.  We have a few different properties with late season food on it, and we plan to zero in on a good buck.  This is where the Reconyx cameras really come into play.  We will be setting multiple cameras on each plot in hopes of getting the MRI to help us increase our chances of punching our bow tags in the late season.  Stay tuned to the Live Journal and the Website as the action heats up in Wisconsin.

    Earlier today we closed the 2012 Wisconsin Muzzleloader season with my tag un-punched.  We hunted hard everyday to try and get a mature buck within range.  With the warm temps slowing the deer movement down we struggle to even get on a mature deer.  The Muzzleloader season wasn't a loss though...for those of you who seen last weeks show you know we took out a first time hunter, Adam.  Even though he only harvested a doe, he still had a great time and talks of not being able to wait till he can get out next year.  So all in all it was a successful hunt none the less!  But I still have four more days with my Savage Model 10ML-II 50 cal. Tomorrow afternoon I will be set up in Kansas to try and fill my tag, once again with the clock ticking closer and closer to the end of that season.  Kansas's Gun season closes at the end of legal shooting light this Sunday December 9th.  With 3 1/2 days to get it done make sure you stay tuned to our Live Journal to see if I can get it done! Also if you haven't done so already please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your support.