With a high pressure system blowing through last night and temps dropping, the Crew has high hopes for the weekend. Several of us did not hesitate to get into the tree yesterday afternoon and boy, were the deer moving. 

It may be early in the year, but these October Cold Fronts can be as effective (if not, more) for killing mature bucks as their patterns to and from food and bedding is more predictable at this time of year than while they're chasing does during the rut.

With the barometer hovering around 30.1 inches, tonight should be a great afternoon on stand as studies indicate that deer feed the most when the atmospheric pressure is between 29.8 and 30.29 inches. The Crew will be out in force tonight and with the Youth Hunt beginning tomorrow, it looks to be an exciting weekend!

Pictured below is a 4 year-old buck we call P3 (Piggy the III), who was on his feet well before dark this week with the high pressure coming in. I opted to not take the 30 yard shot as it was the first encounter with the buck, I was filming alone, and Chad and I would really like an opportunity at him at 5 years old.

That said, with several Reconyx pictures of the buck in a large area, we do know that he's a traveller. If this was not an isolated incident and we have another encounter with him this season, he may not get another hall pass due to the fact that he resides in a heavily pressured area (and he's already a great buck!). Stay tuned!


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