It’s that time of October that every whitetail hunter dreads, the “October Lull”. Today is October 12th and I made it out for an afternoon hunt. The evening started good with a doe moving early feeding on acorns. But, all that was seen from there until dark was a little buck.  Not surprising though, this time of year has proved year in and year out to be extremely tough to catch an old wise buck on his feet during daylight.  We’re going to keep hunting hard and more importantly hunting smart, with a perimeter style of hunting to be sure not to alert any big boys of our presence.  Our Reconyx cameras will play a big role in letting us know when we should hit the timber in the weeks to come.  As soon as the daylight pictures start showing up we will get more aggressive closing in on a Wisconsin giant. Thanks for joining us on the Live Blog, we’ll keep you posted on hunts to come.


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