In years past I’ve almost all but given up hope of harvesting a good whitetail in the middle of October.  This year was no different till this afternoon!  Yesterday I swapped the cards in my Reconyx cameras and sat down and clicked through thousands of images, around 12,000 to be exact.  And just like years past, in the middle of October, the 4, 5 and 6 year-old bucks have either gone nocturnal or just disappeared completely.   They just seem to lay low and gear up for the rut this time of year.
      When I grabbed the last 3 cards today, it was on the property where the buck we call “Kenny” resides.  As you can see, from pictures captured by the Reconyx, he was up on his feet well during daylight.  I have been getting pictures of him constantly in this same area but all during the night, till now!  I have a really good feeling he is moving through this particular spot to get a drink of water in a spring within a 100yds or so from this camera location.  Doing the same thing since I started capturing his pictures in August.  After seeing this I’ve decided to get after him.  Tomorrow we will have a continuing south wind with warm temps, but on Thursday temps fall again.  This is when I plan to start hunting him.
      One important thing I need to add about this buck and where he lives is, I have it narrowed down between last and this years movement, both from the cameras and encounters, his core area is about 40-50 acres.  Another important factor is this property is accessible from two different paved roads.  Which makes hunting him three dimensional, meaning we can sit on three sides of where I believe he is bedding without risking the chance of bumping him on our way to or from the stand. More importantly different wind directions wqhich, I hope increases our chance at getting an opportunity at him in the days/weeks to come. 
      After looking through all the pictures I got out just before dark tonight and fired a couple dozen arrows through my Strother SX-Rush.  As you can see from the pictures my last 5 arrows were shot using my 20, 30, 40, 45, and 50yd pins from my Trophy Ridge site.  Like normal the Strother is right on the mark!!! What a bow.  Stay tuned to the Live-Blog for daily updates as we get after Kenny.  Also this week’s show will consist of a detailed plan of attack for our approach at getting Kenny in bow range during October as well as other action from the WOHO Crew.


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