With a warm-up in Wisconsin over the past week and a North Dakota non-res archery tag still burning a hole in my pocket, Chad and I decided to load up the truck and meet this latest cold front head-on, as it pushed through the northern plains. 

Although we arrived in plenty of time to hunt this morning, a brutally cold and gusting wind out of the northwest had Chad and I holed up in the truck at first light, glassing an area we've previously hunted. 

There was no question a cold front had just punched through the area. We saw what we estimated at roughly 150 whitetails in just a couple of hours. We spent the rest of the morning hanging our Reconyx cameras in a couple of other possible stand locations and getting everything ready for the afternoon hunt.

We returned at about 2pm to the location we scouted earlier, brushed in a ground blind, and with the Strother Wrath in hand, settled in a for a long, cold sit. Movement was actually slow early on but really picked up at about 4 o'clock. We saw steady movement the progressed into what can best be described as a whitetail parade. I did not even attempt to count but I'd wager a guess we saw well north of 75 whitetails and although we saw two very good bucks, the only bonehead brave enough to tempt the Wrath's range was my little buddy pictured below--not quite what I'm looking for...

Be sure and check back tomorrow evening for an update on the day's hunt!


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